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This five year-old organization has rapidly emerged as a national leader in facilitating green business practices, leading businesses to significant savings while attracting new customers, increasing customer loyalty, and attracting and retaining the best employees.

We are proud to have worked with over 80 Illinois companies to certify more than one million square feet of space, impacting over 1,400 employees in seven communities throughout Illinois and be ranked the #2 most-trustworthy green certification in the nation by GreenBiz.com.

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Interested in going green in your business, but unsure where to start? Our Green Business Certification program is a GREAT place to start - it is a framework to help you uncover where efficient, cost-effective opportunities lie. 

Join 80 Illinois businesses already going green - Click here to learn more!

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Ippatsu Salon
Ippatsu is a premier hair salon in the heart of downtown Champaign. Ippatsu strives to be the most reliable and reputable source for all hair-related needs and send its customers out into the world with a fresh new look! They challenge you to come experience the Ippatsu difference for yourself. Ippatsu had a green philosophy before hearing about the IGBA, and has since taken even more strides to green their business. Ippatsu recently installed blinds in the front windows to reduce solar gain in the summer, donated old salon chairs to a local non-profit, regularly stocks organic and eco-friendly hair products, encourages employees to turn off equipment by power strips when not in use, and donates hair to Matter of Trust to assist in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (http://www.matteroftrust.org/).