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This five year-old organization has rapidly emerged as a national leader in facilitating green business practices, leading businesses to significant savings while attracting new customers, increasing customer loyalty, and attracting and retaining the best employees.

We are proud to have worked with over 80 Illinois companies to certify more than one million square feet of space, impacting over 1,400 employees in seven communities throughout Illinois and be ranked the #2 most-trustworthy green certification in the nation by GreenBiz.com.

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Interested in going green in your business, but unsure where to start? Our Green Business Certification program is a GREAT place to start - it is a framework to help you uncover where efficient, cost-effective opportunities lie. 

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Bead in Hand
Bead In Hand encourages its staff to embrace a green philosophy and to make sustain¬able decisions. We re-use and/or recycle everything possible; we stock recycled content office paper, envelopes, & paper towels, re-use all paper and file folders until they cannot be used any more, and recycle toner cartridges when finished.  Since working with the Illinois Green Business Association, we have adopted new policies and practices that are better for the environment and our business.

Bead in Hand also got new T-8 fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs for overhead fixtures and the result has been great & cost efficient! Waste reduction is where Bead In Hand really excels at its green practices.  With employees who are already enthused about recycling, it doesn’t take much to get them interested in findings other ways to save.  Paper is not discarded until all usable parts are used, and they make a lot of “recycled” jewelry, a term than includes glass bottles that are sliced and tumbled into a variety of jewelry components, to the use of old hardware (nuts, bolts & washers) as design elements. Making their own paper beads is fun AND good for the environment!