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A movement to green our economy starts on Main Street

This five year-old organization has rapidly emerged as a national leader in facilitating green business practices, leading businesses to significant savings while attracting new customers, increasing customer loyalty, and attracting and retaining the best employees.

Green Certification PortraitAt the Illinois Green Business Association (IGBA), we are committed to improving sustainable practices in Illinois businesses through education and engagement. We envision that a sustainable business culture can be the standard practice of economic activity.

IGBA has three main programs: green business certification, efficient equipment assessments and installations, and education—including the Illinois Green Business Summit.

This year, we are proud to have worked with over 80 Illinois companies to certify more than one million square feet of space, impacting over 1,400 employees in seven communities throughout Illinois and be ranked the #2 most-trustworthy green certification in the nation by GreenBiz.com.

Like our mission and what we stand for? Help us continue to make a difference and help our Illinois businesses reduce their impact and provide green products/services—DONATE TODAY!

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ActOnEnergy Small Business Program

The ActOnEnergy® Small Business Program and IGBA help business customers protect their bottom line by taking advantage of easy and affordable installations of cost-saving energy efficiency upgrades.

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Urbana Business Association
The Urbana Business Association’s job is to promote Urbana as a dynamic place to live, work, and do business, and therefore has a vested interest in not just the well being of citizens and business but also in the environment – healthy citizens and businesses cannot function in an unhealthy environment. 

From enrolling in the IGBA’s green business certification program, the Urbana Business Association realized that there were already many green practices they were doing intuitively on a daily basis. For the rest of their green certification, as a three-person office, many changes and policies were able to be implemented immediately because the entire team was on the same page. 

UBA set up a list of office supplies at Rogards Office Plus in Champaign that have recycled content so that when they call an order, Rogards (also a green certified business with IGBA) knows exactly which recycled product it is and has price quotes ready. UBA has saved money in the office by switching to a water pitcher and encouraging reusable water bottles -- cutting the expense of buying cases of bottled water ($10 a month in savings!) and reducing the amount of discarded packaging. They have also initiated an ink cartridge recycling program where businesses and individuals can drop off used cartridges with a business card to be entered into a quarterly raffle.

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