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IGBA: Improving the nature of businesses through passion and initiative.

The Illinois Green Business Association (IGBA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps businesses integrate green practices through education and engagement, causing a business to find profitability in sustainability. 

Our vision is that a sustainable business culture is the standard practice of economic activity. Companies, communities, and consumers will thrive through healthy, mutually beneficial relationships that are diverse, resilient and balanced.

 Our Impact

Within the last 10 years, the IGBA continues to advance sustainable business across Illinois. IGBA has worked with over 3,000 businesses to implement green practices, certified over 1 million square feet of business space as sustainable affecting over 1,400 employees and has helped Illinois businesses reduce 5 million kWh of energy – enough energy to power about 460 homes for one year. IGBA’s certification program is ranked the 2nd most-trustworthy green certification in the nation by GreenBiz.com. 

IGBA accelerates access to the tools and information needed to effectively drive profitable, credible, sustainable, and incremental change in Illinois businesses.

Growing green business programs & services

IGBA is working to expand its capacity by growing a vibrant network of Green Business Allies that support a sustainable economy, build a strong state-wide organization and increase accessibility to green business programming and information through a database platform. 

By achieving these goals, IGBA will be able to help all Illinois businesses get ahead of the curve to create a more sustainable, stable economy. Join us in spreading the knowledge, technologies and behaviors that will propel our economy towards sustainable, equitable prosperity for all. 

Read more about our staff, Board of Directors, and history.

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