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The Illinois Green Business Association (IGBA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps businesses integrate green practices through education and engagement, causing a business to reduce operating costs, retain and attract customers, and credibly market their sustainable efforts. 

IGBA staff provides three distinct services: green business certification, personalized business services and assistance, and public education.

Our vision is that a sustainable business culture is the standard practice of economic activity. Companies, communities, and consumers will thrive through healthy, mutually beneficial relationships that are diverse, resilient and balanced. IGBA is committed to improving sustainable practices in Illinois businesses through education and engagement. It is the staff's aim to help businesses realize both the environmental and economic benefits of green practices by educating businesses on integrating environmental responsibility into daily operations in a manner that is sustainable as well as profitable! 

IGBA looks at a business’ current environmental performance in nine areas of certification and works with the business owner to discover what applies to them and what fits in with their business' culture, providing educational resources and support along the way. We promote the health of the local environment by training business owners and employees to be literate in efficient, cleaner, and greener practices.

Once a business is green certified, IGBA markets the business’ practices and unique efforts to the public and local communities in Illinois.

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