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There are three steps to becoming an IGBA Certified Green Business, and IGBA staff are here to help you the entire way. 

Step 1: Checklist Assessment

IGBA's Certification Manager meets you for an in-person consultation with our program checklists for the Office/RetailRestaurant/Caféor hotel industry. We gauge where your business is at and what your business is interested in doing, and find out more information on how we can help. We understand that some businesses may not be able to implement certain practices, and each business has unique goals. Every certification is different!

Step 2: Implementation

Soon your business will be ready to implement various new green management practices. Your business gets credit for things it is already doing, of course! IGBA staff will provide you with proper informational resources to help make your decision process easier and guide your business through the process. For more information on how our program checklists work, read the IGBA Certification Program Instructions.

Our mission is to help your business achieve its green goals. We are here to help.

Step 3: Verification

We require verification for each green management practice your business has completed that counts toward certification. These verification claims encourage transparency and credibility in our process and can be submitted in many forms; photos, receipts, and policy signatures. Collecting Verification Documents is a quick guide on how to collect documents to confirm your business' green practices. 


Once your business's green practices are implemented and verified, your business will be officially IGBA Green Certified! Your business can reap the benefits of being Certified Green with IGBA. Our caring staff provide many marketing materials to help you spread the word about your business's green certification to your target market! Your business will be listed on the IGBA website, included in our social media and newsletter, and your business's story will be sent to local media.  More 

Once your business has been certified as a green business, that certification is valid for three years upon completion of the program. It is up to the business to pursue recertification, but we encourage this to keep your green business practices up to date and your employees engaged!

Want to Get Started?

Our fees are minimal and tailored to the size and impact of your business. Our base rate of $750 for a business with 1-25 employees and includes our full program, services, marketing support, and utility program and energy audit connectivity and application assistance. 

Please view the following application that houses our certification, fees, and services. 

Once you are ready to begin the certification process, fill out the application and send it to 

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (331)305-IGBA(4422) or e-mail Anthony Santarelli at Anthony AT for more information. 

We look forward to working with you!

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